FOV Calculator for


Use this calculator to measure the Field Of View (FOV) of your smartphone so that you get accurate lens-millimeter values in Shot Designer's viewfinder.

You ONLY need this page if your phone/tablet isn't already in Shot Designer's library. If so, please enter some detailed info about your phone below, and we'll include your measurements in the next version of Shot Designer.

This page will also generate an FOV value you can type in right now!

It's easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

STEP 1: Reset the zoom in Shot Designer so that the image exactly lines up with the edges of your device.

Shot Designer defaults to this, so you can simply exit the viewfinder and go back into it, then you don't have to do anything.
STEP 2: Measure the horizontal distance between any two things. Here we're measuing the horizontal width of this monitor. It's 47 cm.
STEP 3: Looking through the viewfinder, line up the edges of the monitor with the edge of the phone/tablet screen. This here is not correct

We need to physically move a little bit closer. Don't touch the zoom!
STEP 3 (CONT'D): Here we're closer. This is good.
STEP 4: Measure the distance from your phone/tablet to the object. The distance from our iPad to the computer monitor is 57cm. You can also use inches.

The all-important Step 5: Type it in!

Distance between two things:   (*) In centimeters or inches
Distance between your camera and the object:   (*) In centimeters or inches
Exact name of your phone/tablet:   
Your Email Address:   Extremely important, see below!
Your results will submitted to us so we can make Shot Designer auto-detect your device.

EMAIL REQUIRED: Device detection is freakishly difficult, and we'll likely need more data about your device. Without an email address, there's a real possibility we can't detect your device!