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Shot Designer is free to use on a single scene at a time. $19.99 Pro Upgrade adds File Management, Mac/PC Pro Version, Sync & Team Sharing via Dropbox, PDF/Excel Export, Scene Freeze, and more.


Desktop / Direct Installers:

Very Important

Due to Apple's and Google's strict rules, we're not allowed to give you an iOS/Android activation if you buy the Mac/PC version from us. Instead, you should buy the iOS/Android version, which includes a desktop activation that you receive within the app.

Click here to buy the Mac/PC version if you're sure you won't need a mobile license ever.

User Comments

"A great App for Directors and DP's alike! Lightning fast shot designs. Don't be without it on the set."

John Badham, Director, Saturday Night Fever, WarGames

"Excellent tool for planning my scenes fast!"

Clint Reagan, Previz Supervisor, Indiana Jones, Hunger Games, Prometheus, GI Joe

"Most film apps fail to do the iPad justice. Not Shot Designer-one of only three excellent apps for Directors- this app is intuitive, productive, and indispensable. Only $20? A miracle. Keep up the great work Hollywood Camera Work.!"

iPhoneRiser (via App Store)

"I teach fiction film at my college in upstate NY. My students are required to use Shot Designer to plan and block their shots. The integration of all its various functions make it easier for them to catch mistakes before going into production. We are anxiously waiting for the addition of sound which seems to be in the works. Being able to upload a soundtrack to create an animatic would simply be excellent. Congrats on a great tool."

Sunithaya (via App Store)

"I'm blown away by the versatility of this app. Exporting shot lists, camera and character motion, scene layout imports, - it is phenomenal!"

Supa Dupa Quitta (via App Store)

"Powerful and incredibly useful. Well done! This has made designing and communicating with the rest of the crew so easy! Buy this app!"

Gridlewis (via App Store)

"A lot of thought went into the software app to utilize current technology and make it as easy as possible while providing significant value to the finished product. Best way to put your plan and ideas into a visual format that can be understood by those involved. Provides a way for the shot designer to work through a plan to shoot the storyboard and to be able to share it quickly, clearly and easily. Best solution available!"

Tim Delaney (via App Store)

"As a professional DP, this is the single most important app on my IPad. Invaluable blocking tool and means of communicating with directors."

Lone eyeball (via App Store)

"Well done developers! Finally an app that is an intelligent and user friendly in every way imaginable. The tutorial video again shows the genius behind this design and the overall support for this one of a kind app itself. Really love how the cameras change position determined by the line of access. Will be using this a lot in pre-production. Thanks again!! 5 Stars easily."

Scotty Marcelo (via App Store)

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Quick Start

Learn everything you need to know to get started with Shot Designer. Learn how to interact with characters and cameras, tracking, camera marks, snapping, saving and opening scenes. (7 Minutes)

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Timeline Animation

Learn how to animate characters and cameras, fading instead of animating, moving at different speeds. (3 Minutes)

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Shot List

Learn how to add Shot Descriptions, adding Shot Versions, adding shot data (type, lens, props, gear, crew), changing version numbers, detaching shots, rearranging shooting order, creating shots from Shot List, exporting to PDF / Excel. (5 Minutes)

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Storyboard / Director's Viewfinder

Learn how to add storyboards, diagram vs. storyboards, Director's Viewfinder, setting up device, selecting format, aspect ratio, detaching/attaching storyboards. (3 Minutes)

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Set / Lighting Designer

Importing background drawings, Wall Tool, extending walls, moving segments, extruding, adding doors / windows, adding lighting, Virtual Speed Rail. (4 Minutes)

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Version 1.30 Features: Pages, Image Props etc.

New features in v1.30: Multiple Pages, Image Props, PDF improvements etc. (4 Minutes)

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