I don't see my order in my account

For orders placed directly from us, we use the email address on the order or subscription to match it to your account. Simply add the email address from the order to your account, validate it, and you'll see your order.

If you made a typo while placing the order, or you no longer have access to an old email address, just contact us.

If your order was placed with an organization, and you need to move it to another person, have that person set up an account, and contact us to have the order transferred.

I bought Shot Designer on mobile. How do I get the desktop version and sync?

Your mobile purchase is not automatically connected to desktop. You must set up a Hollywood Camera Work account, and transfer the mobile license:

- If you haven't already, create a Hollywood Camera Work account at If you already have an account, don't create a new one. Do a password reset instead. Multiple accounts are bad.

- Make sure you're running the last version on every device (currently 1.70).

- The mobile app must be activated using the Apple App Store / Google Play. Use a Pro feature (with green icons), select I Already Own It -> Restore. If activation is successful, the green icons go away.

- You must now sign into your HCW account directly in the mobile app. This is what transfers the license into your HCW account. On iOS, Apple will prompt your iTunes password. You must enter it, as this is part of Apple confirming the purchase.

- If successfully signed in, you'll now also see the Transfer License in your HCW account. If it signs out immediately, the transfer was not successful. There's a rare Apple bug (an empty receipt) that we have to help you with. Contact us.

- You can now activate on any device by signing into your HCW account.

- Remember to enable sync on every device, then your work transfers to the cloud. Sync is included and is complementary.

I try to reset my password, but never get an email

You most likely don't have an account. For security reasons, we don't reveal whether the account exists.

It's common for Shot Designer users who purchased on Apple/Android to remember having purchased it from us, where it was in fact purchased on mobile. In this case, you most likely don't have an account. You will need to create one, and transfer your mobile license to desktop, see above.

I don't see Shot Designer in my account

If you purchased on Apple/Android, the license will not appear until the mobile purchase is transferred, see above.

I have a Shot Designer license code. How do I activate?

The license code activation system is no more. We're entirely account-based now. See above.

How do I reset my activations?

Causality and Shot Designer have certain limits on how many devices can be concurrently activated. This is to prevent account-sharing. Contact us if you need your limit increased -- we will need to understand your situation.

You can reset activations via App Activations page in your account. You can also release an activation by signing out of the app on a device.

How does the floating/group license system work?

The license system works by one user owning all the licenses, and then sharing licenses to other users. A priority is assigned when a license is shared, so it's possible to share licenses with more users than you have licenses. A higher priority user will then preempt a lower priority user, i.e. a Producer can kick out a PA.

At any point can licenses be unshared, which immediately deactivates their copy of the app. Each user can activate up to 5 of their personal devices for Shot Designer, 2 for Causality. Multiple devices are on the honor system and are not for activating teams, they're only for individual users having access to their work on multiple devices.

We have significant discounts for group purchases, especially for educational institutions.

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