Taught by Per Holmes and Ari Golan

CAMERA DIRECTING RAW TECHNIQUE: Camera Directing Raw Technique is 2 1/2 days of intense training in camera techniques and framing techniques to make your shots look more expensive and graceful.

CAMERA DIRECTING MASTER CLASS: The Camera Directing Master Class is a 2 1/2 day seminar on where to put the camera. You learn how to competently stage scenes with just a script and a stage, and to get more powerful blocking using fewer setups.

GREEN SCREEN INTENSIVE: 2 1/2 Days of industry-leading green screen training for Directors, DPs and VFX Artists. Learn how to shoot spectacular green screen and perfect matchmoving quickly and keep your budget under control.

"The workshop gives you the necessary tools to set up shots and create shooting strategies like a pro, no matter what level you're at or medium you work in. The experience was truly invaluable."

-- Tony Leondis, Director, Dreamworks Animation, Emoji Movie.

"A fantastic opportunity to sharpen your filmmaking skills."

-- Brad Blackbourn, Pre-Viz/Layout Supervisor, Avatar, Batman, Harry Potter.

IMPORTANT: These seminars are not handled by Hollywood Camera Work, but by Per Holmes directly in collaboration with local organizers in each country, through the website Link is provided here as a courtesy.

Seminars have been on hiatus, but are starting up again in 2019.

Featured Testimonials

"A fantastic opportunity to sharpen your film-making skills by analysing, discussing, blocking, shooting and editing several challenging scenes in a collaborative and tremendously enjoyable atmosphere!"

Brad Blackbourn, Head Of Previs, Dreamworks, Stereo Supervisor, Avatar, Previs Supervisor, Batman

"I found the Master Class Seminar the perfect way of rounding off everything I had learnt from the DVD's. I'd studied the course in detail, but gained a huge amount from putting them into practice with Per on hand. His opening comments on establishing a directors method of preparation, taking into account the value of shot lists, story boards and the HCW planning the diagrams, were in themselves incredibly useful and I will be using a version of it on my next production.

Applying the techniques in the seminar also brought home any weaknesses in my own method as it stands now. The course and the DVDs together are an outstanding resource, an all encompassing guide to the craft of blocking and moving a film camera. The rest of my career will be about absorbing the techniques into my creative tool-kit."

Nigel Levy, Drama and Documentary Producer/Director: "Fatal Attraction" (Discovery), "The Da Vinci Detective", "Horizon"

"This course is not for someone who wants to spend a lazy weekend sitting listening to a knowledgeable teacher. The seminar was both challenging and lots of fun. Make sure you study the DVDs before attending as you'll get much more from it if you do."

Peter Levchenko

"If you've found the Hollywood Camera Work DVDs useful, and thought you knew the techniques, then this seminar forces you to try it out for real but with the time to experiment which you never get on a real shoot. Having Per available to answer questions is the icing on the cake."

Eric Young

"I really enjoyed the seminar, and found it hugely valuable. I'll be sitting down with my crew at our shoot next week and explaining exactly what we're going to shoot... with a much greater degree of confidence than ever before!

Coming from a stills photography background, the seminar was hugely helpful for me in bringing to life the great store of knowledge on the DVDs. I've never had problems storyboarding (after all, finding a good set of framings is what a stills photographer does!)

What has always been lacking is the methodology to stage and film the fluid, motivated movements of actors and cameras in the co-ordinated ballet that makes things look truly cinematic. And that's what I got from the seminar -- a way to choreograph that camera ballet reliably, efficiently, creatively and confidently. (I was going to write some PR-friendly blurb but realised that the above may do?) I'm very happy to have my email address on the circulation list so please keep me on it!!"

Hywel Phillips, Director & Photographer,

"If you've found the Hollywood Camera Work DVDs useful, and thought you knew the techniques, then this seminar forces you to try it out for real but with the time to experiment which you never get on a real shoot. Having Per available to answer questions is the icing on the cake."

Eric Young

"Attending the Hollywood Camera Work Seminar really built upon what I had already learned and gave me new insight to the theory and techniques of camera blocking. Comparing the DVD's to the seminar is like the difference between practicing guitar in your bedroom vs. playing a live gig with a band!"

Joe Pavlo, Filmmaker and Emmy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor, Compositor, X-Men: First Class, The Chronicles Of Narnia, The Da Vinci Code, Batman Begins, Star Wars Episode II, Sleepy Hollow

"Great seminar! Mandatory for people interested in filmmaking. I really enjoyed it. Full of usable inputs. No B.S.! Very practical and to the point. Gives you the keys to go from theory of blocking & staging to actual shooting in only one week-end. Don't miss it. It's a fantastic opportunity to get to the core of camera work."

Jean-David Bauhofer

"Excellent seminar, with both theory and practice in the right amounts, I think this knowledge is essential in any director's toolbox, enabling them to concentrate on the actors and not on the camera direction."

Lee Helliar, RealImpact Productions

"The Hollywood Camera Work seminar is incredibly useful. Over the weekend all the blocking skills of all the participants improved dramatically as we learned how to apply Per's theories in blocking and parallel shooting through script analysis and practical shooting exercises. I'd highly recommend doing the seminar after watching the DVD series."

Richard Cosgrove, Writer/Director

"I have followed Per from his first set of DVDs and now have his full collection. Meeting Per in person, it's great to see how hard he wants to give away his knowledge he has learnt over the years of filmmaking. Thank you Per for a great course."

Trevor Hughes, Frame On Frame

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