Taught by Per Holmes and Ari Golan

CAMERA DIRECTING RAW TECHNIQUE: Camera Directing Raw Technique is 2 1/2 days of intense training in camera techniques and framing techniques to make your shots look more expensive and graceful.

CAMERA DIRECTING MASTER CLASS: The Camera Directing Master Class is a 2 1/2 day seminar on where to put the camera. You learn how to competently stage scenes with just a script and a stage, and to get more powerful blocking using fewer setups.

GREEN SCREEN INTENSIVE: 2 1/2 Days of industry-leading green screen training for Directors, DPs and VFX Artists. Learn how to shoot spectacular green screen and perfect matchmoving quickly and keep your budget under control.

"The workshop gives you the necessary tools to set up shots and create shooting strategies like a pro, no matter what level you're at or medium you work in. The experience was truly invaluable."

-- Tony Leondis, Director, Dreamworks Animation, Emoji Movie.

"A fantastic opportunity to sharpen your filmmaking skills."

-- Brad Blackbourn, Pre-Viz/Layout Supervisor, Avatar, Batman, Harry Potter.

IMPORTANT: These seminars are not handled by Hollywood Camera Work, but by Per Holmes directly in collaboration with local organizers in each country, through the website Link is provided here as a courtesy.

Seminars have been on hiatus, but are starting up again in 2019.

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