Welcome To
Prep Show!
A new kind of YouTube show where we
help prep actors, writers and directors!
Welcome To Prep Show!
Prep Show is a new kind of YouTube show where we get busy prepping actors, directors, and writers. Want to be on the show? See below!

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Want To Be On The Show?

  • If you're a Director, we help you prepare to work with Actors, block your camera moves, plan your production, documentary or VFX, or train with you.

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  • If you're an Actor, we help you workshop a character, prepare for auditions or roles, rehearse, develop a solo show, or take part in readthroughs.

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  • If you're a Writer, we help you outline a new story, adapt a novel to a screenplay, polish/debug/critique your screenplay, and do readthroughs.

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All with a panel of expert writing gurus, acting coaches or directors. You own the end result.