The Master Course


The Master Course
Scripts & Blocking Diagrams

Volume I-IV Scripts

"Jennifer and Damien" jenniferanddamien.pdf (Script Only)
"John And Amy" johnandamy.pdf (Script Only)

Volume V-VI Scripts + Blocking Diagrams

(Click here to download all Volume V-VI Scripts and Blocking Diagrams in one PDF file)

"The Checklist: 7 Essential Blocking Steps" checklistdiagram.pdf (Blocking Diagram)
"Change Of Plans" changeofplans.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Under Attack" underattack.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Not A Suspect" notasuspect.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"System Failure" systemfailure.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Custody" custody.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"A Terrible Mistake" aterriblemistake.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"The Curse" thecurse.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)

Virtual Dolly/Crane For Maya

The following files are only for experienced Maya users. The rig provided is the exact rig used in The Master Course, and comes in a single-version and a multi-version. The main idea is to study what we did so you can build your own.

We're faithfully replicating the range of motion possible with a crane, e.g. sliding on tracks, panning and tilting the boom, and panning and tilting the camera.

The most important thing is that the camera shouldn't be parented to the end of the boom, but Position-Constrained, so that the camera only gets its Translate XYZ from the boom movement. If you rotate the dolly track or the boom arm, the camera should be facing in the same direction. This is necessary for a good directing workflow, which includes a lot of repositioning and angling the track. You don't want the shot to fundamentally change just because you rotate the track angle.


Single dolly (Maya 5 .mb file) Contains a single dolly for demonstration purposes
Maya Previz Scene (Maya 5 .mb file) Contains multiple dollies and locked cameras, and also includes a camera shelf for easily selecting each of the cameras. See image below.

Customers Include

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