The Master Course


The Master Course
Scripts & Blocking Diagrams

Volume I-IV Scripts

"Jennifer and Damien" jenniferanddamien.pdf (Script Only)
"John And Amy" johnandamy.pdf (Script Only)

Volume V-VI Scripts + Blocking Diagrams

(Click here to download all Volume V-VI Scripts and Blocking Diagrams in one PDF file)

"The Checklist: 7 Essential Blocking Steps" checklistdiagram.pdf (Blocking Diagram)
"Change Of Plans" changeofplans.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Under Attack" underattack.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Not A Suspect" notasuspect.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"System Failure" systemfailure.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"Custody" custody.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"A Terrible Mistake" aterriblemistake.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
"The Curse" thecurse.pdf (Script + Blocking Diagram)
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