Show Topic: Director Legal Issues

What We're Looking For

We have access to several film industry lawyers who can join us on the episode to help with your legal structure, copyrights, royalties, trademarks etc.


  • It can be a large or a small production, the educational value is the same.
  • We're interested in real, and not speculative situations. We can hide the details of your actual situation or project on the episode.

If Selected For The Show

  • See you there!

Go Ahead And Submit!

  • We'll only respond if we're considering you for the show. But don't feel bad if you don't hear back. Not being selected is mostly about what makes the right show.
  • You will not be added to any email list.
  • Any project pitches will be kept confidential, will not be shared with third parties, and are deleted if we pass.
  • If pitching a project, you release us from liability, should anyone connected to the show be working on a similar idea. Improbable, but not impossible.