Show Topic: Outlining A Story

What We're Looking For

You have an idea for a story you've put some thought into. We help you flesh it out into a real story with good structure and arcs, with the help of a story guru.


  • This is not for everyone! This is for people who don't think that ideas are precious, and who don't fear discussing them openly.
  • Your story is not an ultra-unique, high-concept story. Don't share your best idea.
  • You have some kind of filmmaking or authorship experience.
  • You've already put some work into your idea, i.e. we're not starting from scratch.
  • You must know at least the following about your story:
    • Two major turning points.
    • Five character traits of your main character and antagonist.
    • You have at least a rough character arc for your main character and antagonist.
  • You must accept the Submission Release below in order to submit to the show.

If Selected For The Show

  • We'll need need a release from you to appear on the show and discuss your story.
  • You will own the story we flesh out on the show, with no credit or compensation due to any of us.

Go Ahead And Submit!

  • We'll only respond if we're considering you for the show. But don't feel bad if you don't hear back. Not being selected is mostly about what makes the right show.
  • You will not be added to any email list.
  • Any project pitches will be kept confidential, will not be shared with third parties, and are deleted if we pass.
  • If pitching a project, you release us from liability, should anyone connected to the show be working on a similar idea. Improbable, but not impossible.