Show Topic: Workshopping A Character

What We're Looking For

Together with a well-known acting coach or Director in the studio, as well as a scene partner, we workshop a character in preparation for an audition or a role. We try different angles to find an effective way to play this character.


  • You don't need a role or an audition lined up. You can be on the show, even if you simply have an interesting character to explore.
  • You must have a reel. We can't tell anything from headshots. Even a bad reel is better than no reel. Please include link.
  • If you're a US actor, you can't be SAG-AFTRA. We haven't investigated where this show stands with the union, so until then, only non-union talent can be on the show.

If Selected For The Show

  • If you are preparing for an audition, we need to contact the production to get permission to audition prep someone on the show. We won't reveal your identity to them, and this won't be a shortcut to get special attention with the producers. This is simply about getting a release on the script. We will not show the episode to producers until after their casting has wrapped.
  • If you're preparing for a role, we need permission from your production to use an excerpt of the script on the show.

Go Ahead And Submit!

  • We'll only respond if we're considering you for the show. But don't feel bad if you don't hear back. Not being selected is mostly about what makes the right show.
  • You will not be added to any email list.
  • Any project pitches will be kept confidential, will not be shared with third parties, and are deleted if we pass.
  • If pitching a project, you release us from liability, should anyone connected to the show be working on a similar idea. Improbable, but not impossible.